Homemade Marshmallows

10173759_10152138040480326_749504309667395726_nRecently my boss brought in some homemade marshmallows to the office. They were amazing, fluffy, white, sweet puffs of deliciousness. I was inspired to make them myself as I love marshmallow everything! I used Alton Browns Marshmallow recipe and they turned out great. I did, however, run out of granulated sugar and compensated by adding some extra corn syrup. I think this made them feel and taste a lot more like what you would expect a marshmallow to be if you bought a big bag of them in a store. Not bad at all, however, the home made ones I was after were a tad more fluffy, so next time I will have plenty of sugar on hand!

10013982_10152138035905326_5647854166855334660_nI won’t go into the details of the recipe here, but it was fairly simple. It was my first foray into candy making and I was nervous. I will tell you, if you are also new to this, you really do need a candy thermometer (I got one at the grocery store for 3 dollars) and a stand mixer. I cant stress enough how much you will need a stand mixer. Even if you have the endurance to hold an electric hand mixer for 15 minutes straight, it would be quite a feat to do so while mixing this sticky concoction. Even my stand mixer was moving around from the viscosity in the bowl! Also, don’t expect to eat them right away! They need to cool for at least 4 hours before you can cut them out and devour them. It was hard to wait!

So, four and half hours later I have these yummy pillows of sugar. What to do with them?! Well its April, not much of a hot cocoa season anymore. But marshmallows and chocolate mmmmm…..

10150631_10152138062055326_3235906161928690389_nSo I decided to dip them in chocolate and top them with whatever I had laying around! Graham crackers? Check! Coconut? Check! So I made s’more marshmallows and coconut marshmallows and they turned out fabulous.

I simply melted a cup of semi sweet chocolate morsels in the microwave. You can use a double boiler if you want, but its soooooo much easier just to put them in a microwave safe bowl, pop that into the microwave for a minute, give it a stir, and pop it back in for another minute. Then just remove and stir until smooth. If you want to be more professional you can add shortening to the chocolate and do some fancy shmancy stuff, but I was working on the fly here!

Once chocolate is melted and smooth grab a marshmallow dip into chocolate and then dip lightly into your topping of choice – or you can just stick with plain chocolate. Let sit on a piece of parchment or a tray, plate, whatever until the chocolate hardens, about 2 hours. Store in an airtight container.

Pretty easy! Enjoy!!


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