PMS Crunch Mix (aka: Trail Mix)

ImageSo last week I was hit with the hormones – which of course led to the desperate need for chocolate and salt…. After reaching out to the other members of the Tone it Up community I tried a bunch of various recipes.

I knew I couldn’t just ignore the craving for chocolate, or chips or salt. Ladies, you know what I’m talking about. Its not just a craving, its a hormone induced obsession LOL. The suggestions were fantastic, and I thank all those ladies for sharing their tips with me.

One of the first suggestions was trail mix, I made that because I actually had the ingredients on hand – which were whatever I could find in the pantry! I had already toasted up some pecans for an asparagus dish I made (post on that to come!) and I had purchased some dried cranberries for a quinoa porridge (again, another post I will have to write!). I also dig up some coconut chips that I had bought at Trader Joe’s, and some Guittard dark chocolate chips. I threw all that stuff, in roughly equal amounts, into a small container and gave it a shake. Voila, trail mix! I reached in, grabbed a small handful, shoved it into my mouth like I hadn’t seen food in a year, and was shocked. IT WAS SO GOOD. It was just a fantastic mix, toasty, sweet, salty, coconutty and chocolatey goodness in every bite. The perfect PMS snack, in fact I think I might start calling it Becca’s PMS crunch mix. 😉

It was really only enough for one serving, so the next day I mixed up some more and threw in some roasted and salted pumpkin seeds for a little bit more salt (my pecans were not salty). So,  basically if you have any nuts, seeds, dried fruit, and chocolate throw it in a container and shake it up! I would love to hear what kind of trail mixes you like to make, or what kind of healthy snacks you pick when you just can’t shake the salty or sweet cravings.


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