Lasagna…and yes the garlic knots were awesome!

So I made lasagna and garlic knots last night for dinner (see the post on ramuntos garlic knots for recipe) it was pretty delicioso! The lasagna was simple meat lasagna, I bought the noodles you don’t have to cook, because I was tired and lazy, they do the trick. (but if you have time and patience go with the traditional) The recipe is the same regardless of the noodles, grab grandmas old casserole dish spread a little of your favorite sauce on the bottom of the dish (oooh my sauce will be a post on its own!) then layer about three noodles, slather on more sauce, a little ricotta cheese,  and some browned ground meat. I don’t do pork or veal so before I start assembling my lasagna I brown up some good ground beef with a little salt and italian seasoning, but you can also use ground veal, pork or even sausage (works best if you take it out of the linings). Anyway, then I top the beef with a hearty dose of grated mozzarella. Continue the layers about three times (noodles, sauce, ricotta, meet, cheese) and then finish fits a few more noodles and a lot more cheese, bake at 375 for about an hour depending on your stove (last night it only took 45 minutes).   Make the garlic knots at the same time, I started mine after I put the lasagna in the oven, takes about 40 minutes to prepare them and 20 minutes to cook, and you want to eat the right away! And if you don’t need to feed an army, then you will have plenty of leftovers, which is what I did for dinner tonight, and it may have been even better tonight, just be sure to reheat everything in the oven (cover the garlic knots though, so they don’t burn) much better texture than using the microwave.

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