Yummy Panini!

So sometimes, even when we have the best intentions of going out for dinner we all get lazy! So, I got a panini maker for christmas and decided to christen it finally with one of my fave meals of all time, Caprese Panini! Delish! I got a nice loaf of ciabatta, fresh vine ripened tomatoes, fresh mozzarella, and fresh basil. The operative word here is FRESH! I brushed the ciabatta with olive oil and italian seasoning, and then i topped the panini with the fresh toppings and drizzled with a good balsamic and threw it on the panini maker, until golden brown delicious, it was heavenly!  A one way ticket to flavor town baby! The best part is that this meal works for any season! Maybe for something really hearty add some italian cold cuts to the sandwich or maybe a side of pasta, and in the summer a fresh salad, maybe caesar? So grab some fresh ingredients and start cooking, it’s too cold to go outside in January!!!

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