Why are fried pickles sooooooo delicious!?

So i went to one of my favorite places for dinner the other night, The Local, in West Newton MA. It used to be Crowley’s, and last year they changed it. It seems to be really dead in there every time i go, and i cant understand why. I’m not complaining, its nice not to have to wait for a seat, but this place is a little gem! It still has the old architecture of the irish pub it once was, but with a cleaner more modern look, grey paint, simple furnishings and a fun and funky twist to pub food. It is quite fantastic. I can’t tell you how wonderful the fried pickles are!You have to try them! Delicious slices of dill pickles fried in a very light and crispy batter and served (in a basket that i swear has no end) with a spicy mayo that is out of this world. If you’re ever in our neck of the woods i highly recommend giving it a whirl. Also check out the parmesan fries and the warm humus plate. DELISH!!!!

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