Hot Cocoa with a twist!

As many afternoons at work result in food chatter, my cube mates and i found ourselves in a discussion about coffee and hot chocolate and other delicious winter treats. During this conversation i stumbled across one of the greatest hot cocoa ideas i have ever heard of (and i used to work at Starbucks!). My co-worker told me that he makes real hot cocoa, and just before he pours it into a big mug, he puts in a lindor truffle at the bottom, and it melts into the hot chocolate. so simple and yet so fabulous! So now i am sitting here thinking of all the delicious lindor truffles to put in the bottom of my hot cocoa, like a white chocolate truffle would be heavenly! So brew up some hot cocoa and snuggle up under a blanket with your sweetie on these freezing cold nights!

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